Riding Lessons 

Hunt View Riding Academy counts with CHA certified riding instructors. All instructors are CPR and first Aid Certified. The academy offers classes in English Style, Western Style, and Trail Riding. The Academy offers classes for ages 8 and up and we accommodate all levels of instruction. Our goal is to provide you with a positive and professional riding experience. Our riding classes focus on developing a well rounded student. We believe in order to become a skilled rider students must know all aspects of horsemanship. Our classes teach horse behavior and care, grooming, tacking, safe practices, riding, and ground work. We encourage our students to learn while at the same time having fun. Below you may read about our instructors, their backgrounds and schedules. To schedule a lesson please contact Owner / Program Director Alberto Gamboa at [email protected] You may book your lessons by submitting your class enrollment form and academy riding waiver via PDF and by purchasing your lessons using the pay-now button found at bottom of the page below. Once you have submitted these 3 items your chosen instructor will contact you in a timely manner to schedule your lessons.  

Meet Our Riding Instructors

Alberto Gamboa

Alberto Gamboa: CHA Certified                Contact (240) 477-9491             email:   [email protected]

Trail Riding /English / Western Riding: Learn to explore the trails with one-on-one professional instruction. Instruction focuses on trail safety, riding skills needed to walk, trot, canter, jump on the trails and fields. Become an experienced and confident rider with our classes in a relaxed family friendly atmosphere.


Alberto is a CHA Certified Instructor that counts with decades of horsemanship experience. Born and raised in Argentina, Alberto has been around horses all his life. He completed an extensive multi- year internship in several horse farms in the Montgomery County area where he worked with experienced farm owners and a horse veterinarian. He earned his Certified Riding Instructor Certification through the CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association )

As Owner and Director of Hunt View Riding Academy he is excited to be able to pass on his knowledge, experience, and love for horses and riding to his students. 

Alberto's Class Schedule: 

Flexible schedule: September-May Weekdays 9 am-1pm and Weekends

June, July, August: Weekends Only 

Linda Gamboa

Linda Gamboa                                     Contact: 301-366-6458                        Email: [email protected]

Riding classes: Enrolling new students 

Linda's teaching Schedule:     Please inquire for availability 


Linda grew up in Montgomery County and studied Biochemistry in the University of Maryland. She gained medical insight and knowledge with the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Department as an Emergency Medical Technician. She gained vast riding and teaching experience working and riding at Hunt View Riding Academy. She is currently in her Junior Year at St. Andrews University pursuing an Equine and Stable Management Degree.   Her classes are geared toward building confidence, both on the ground and on the saddle. Her classes focus on the horsemanship aspects of riding such as grooming, bonding with the horse, groundwork, tacking, riding, and fine tuning riding skills to better communicate with the horse. Linda is trilingual and can hold riding classes in English, Castilian, and French. As co-Owner and co-Director of Hunt View Riding Academy she is excited to be able to pass on her knowledge, experience, and love for horses and riding to her students.

Gabriella Gamboa 

Gabriella Gamboa                           Contact: 301-332-4248                        Email: [email protected]

Riding classes: Enrolling new students for English, Western riding, jumping, trail riding and hunters 

Gabriella's teaching Schedule:    Please inquire for availability  


Gabriella Gamboa has been riding horses all her life. Gabriella is excited to share all her teaching and riding skills with her students. Whether it be basic horsemanship, grooming, tacking, ground work, riding, jumping and trail riding, her patience with young children and adults is a key feature of her teaching. Upon demand, Gabriella's lessons may also include show-competition preparation. Gabriella is a proud member of the Varsity Quince Orchard  Equestrian Team. Gabriella competes in competitive show events affiliated with the ISHS. She also participates in local equestrian community events. All earnings from her teaching goes towards her college education. Gabriella is CPR and First Aid Certified.  Gabriella is bi-lingual and can hold classes in Castilian and English. 

Marie Demeulenaere

Marie Demeulenaere             Contact:   (301) 606-5895           Email: [email protected]

Riding Classes: English Riding, Dressage, Jumping, Trail Riding

Marie's Class Schedule: Flexible schedule. Holds classes weekdays and weekends 


Marie was born in Normandy France into a ranching family. She started horse riding at the age of 5. Living in Normandy gave her many opportunities to learn various horse-riding skills such as dressage, jumping and trail riding. Marie often times spent weeks at a time riding her horse on the back trails of Normandy, camping and enjoying the countryside. She earned her French Gallop level 7 certification when she was 19 years old and has competed in multiple jumping competitions, winning her regional competition championship. She has vast horsemanship experience and loves to pass on her skills to eager students willing to learn. She is bilingual and gives lessons in English as well as French. She accepts all levels of experience and hopes to pass her knowledge down to you.

Victoria Wolfgang 

  Victoria Wolfgang                                         Contact: (804) 840-8940                      E-mail:  [email protected]

Riding classes: English riding, specializes in beginner riders 

Victoria's class schedule: Flexible schedule. Please contact for specific days and times. 


Victoria fell in love with horses at the young age of 12 years old.  She discovered  being around horses helped build her confidence and brought her calm. She has competed in barrel racing, eventing, dressage, cross country, and show jumping.  Victoria participated in the 2008 Virginian State horse judging team. While studying biology and psychology at Sweet Briar College she in addition took courses in natural horsemanship and found  this branch of equestrianism brought her the deepest joy of all. Natural Horsemanship emphasizes the partnership between human and horse and prioritizes building trust through body language and mutual understanding rather than fear tactics and pain.

Victoria in addition is  a yoga instructor and life coach, who specializes in helping people connect with their bodies and emotions, as well as managing anxiety and stress. Her teaching style as a riding instructor is patient, encouraging, and heavily influenced by mindfulness based practices, and natural horsemanship. She focuses on teaching people to effectively care for, communicate with, and confidently lead horses. Her lessons cover all aspects of horsemanship from grooming, bonding with the horse and groundwork, to tacking, and riding. Victoria's relationship with horses has been a deeply therapeutic and profound passion that she knows she can always turn to for support when life gets tough and she delights in sharing the magic of horses with others.

Estefania Puricelli 

 Estefania Puricelli                           Contact: (202) 735-4398             Email: [email protected]

Riding Classes: English riding, specializes on beginners

Estefania's class schedule:  Flexible schedule. Please contact for specific days and times.


Estefania began riding before she could walk at her family's farm outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina. From a young age, Estefania learned jumping, basic dressage, and also the traditional “gaucho" riding style utilized hundreds of years in the pampas of Argentina. For more than a decade, Estefania held a position as a trail ride guide instructor in a beach town in the Province of Buenos Aires. She refined her skills through the study of Doma Personalizada, a natural horse domestication discipline that requires patience, kind techniques and a vast knowledge of  horsemanship, balanced riding, and a deep understanding of the horse's temperament and instincts. Estefania is bilingual and can hold classes in both English and Spanish. She is currently enrolling beginner riders.

Catherine Woodard 

Catherine Woodard                        Contact: (703) 999-4606                                           email: [email protected]

Riding Classes: English Riding, Dressage, Jumping, Trail Riding


Catherine was born in Scotland, into a family of horse lovers, and was riding before she could walk. Having the vast countryside of Scotland presented many opportunities for her to have the freedom to explore and venture by horseback. Catherine’s knowledge and passion for horses expanded while working at a castle estate with retired competition horses and ponies. Catherine has extensive teaching experience and general horsemanship knowledge. Catherine has experience in the different riding techniques such as English, show-jumping, cross-country, dressage, and trail riding.

During her college years , Catherine was a member of her university team, where she gained a vast knowledge of English Riding. Catherine is now an English style riding instructor at Hunt View Riding Academy. She accepts students with all levels of experience and hopes to pass on her passion for riding to her students. 

Sara Davis 

Sara Davis                                        Contact : (410) 608-7272                        E-mail: [email protected]

Riding Classes: English Riding, jumping, trail riding, horsemanship

Sara grew up in Howard County and has been riding horses for a majority of her life. She competed in various competitions one of which she won grand champion. She attended Garrison Forest School where she was a member of the schools IEA and JEL team. Sara is a gentle mannered person and that is reflected in her teaching approach. She strives to create a safe and fun environment for her students, where they can learn all about horsemanship and experience the many joys that riding has to offer them. Sara has a flexible schedule and is available to teach both on weekends and weekdays.

Emma Walsh 

Emma Walsh                                       Contact: (240) 461-0445                                  Email: [email protected]

Riding Classes: English Riding, trail riding, jumping and basic horsemanship


Emma grew up in Montgomery County and is an avid rider and lover of horses.  Her horsemanship and teaching experience spans 14 years. She is enrolled in the Therapeutic Horsemanship Program at St. Andrews University in North Carolina. Her years of experience teaching English riding lessons to both children and adults of various levels makes her a confident and talented instructor. One of her greatest strengths as an instructor is the positive approach that she takes to build up a rider’s confidence and connection with the horse through kindness, patience, detail for safety, and encouragement.

Emma’s Class Schedule is flexible throughout the months of May until mid August, holding classes both Weekdays and Weekends. Although she returns to college in mid August, she is available to teach lessons during her fall, winter, and spring breaks.

To pay and register: Please select from the below lesson packages or drop in lesson and fill out and send your class enrollment form and riding waiver form to [email protected] as a PDF file.

Class Enrollment Form 

Riding Waiver 

From the Ground to the Saddle Approach :

*Lesson includes, grooming, tacking and riding as part of the 1 hour lesson

Drop in lesson $150

Private lessons- Package of 4    $400  ( save $200 per package)

Private lessons - Package of 10    $900 ( save $600 per package)

Adult Group lessons - Package of 4 - one hour lessons $340   

* Please note you must bring a group of 3 or more adult riders. Children are not allowed in group lessons for safety purposes.   Any class with 2 or less riders is considered a private lesson. All riders in the group lesson must purchase their own individual group package. 

Premium Riding Approach : 

Lesson focuses on riding only and horse is groomed and tacked when you arrive

Private lessons - Package of 4  $600

Private lessons - Package of 10   $1,200 (save $300)

Please note for all lessons:  

-Payment is due in full in order to schedule your lesson. Thereafter, to keep your space reserved, payment is due on the last lesson of the current series. There are no refunds once a class has been reserved.

-Re-scheduling: Due to high demand, we’ll need 2 days notice to reschedule a lesson, or the missed lesson will count as a paid lesson, even if due to sickness or injury. Remember, a specific horse is reserved for each rider based on many factors including class size, ability, etc.

Weather: In case of rain we will have a “Barn Day” focusing on stable management, grooming, horse care, horse education, and general horsemanship.

-Extreme weather policy: We will follow Montgomery County School weather cancellation policy. In addition in case of extreme heat or extreme cold classes may be re-scheduled since horses are affected by extreme temperatures. In this case the instructor will notify the student and class may be made up at the end of the session.